Dr Charles Smithdeal and Dr Deborah Smithdeal are part of JL Team LLC.

Dr Charles Smithdeal, M.D. is one of the most highly regarded Anxiety Relief Specialists in the world today. He and his wife--Dr Deborah Smithdeal--originated Anxiety Relief Techniques®. This method has proven effective in more than 90% of applications during recent years for removing anxiety, stress, and negative emotions, regardless of the cause.

First, some background. "Dr Charlie" (to friends and business associates) received his M.D. degree at the age of 22. Continually searching for better ways to help his fellow man, he completed full postgraduate training in two technically demanding surgical specialties. Practicing medicine and surgery for more than 20 years, Dr Charlie was “in the trenches” on a daily basis with patients and colleagues. During that time he observed the multiple harmful effects of stress and anxiety among patients, friends, family, and even himself.

Now retired from the practice of medicine, Dr Charlie is a successful entrepreneur, published author, internationally acclaimed Anxiety Relief Specialist, and frequent lecturer on “Stress Removal”  and “Anxiety Relief For Professional Athletes, Executives and Entrepreneurs.”

Dr Deborah Smithdeal, PhD--"Dr Deb" to friends and business associates--is an Anxiety Relief Specialist with a background in acting, dance, advertising, and marketing. She holds a PhD in Hypnotherapy with an advanced certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Anxiety Relief. She and her husband, Dr Charlie, have worked together in anxiety relief for several years, and jointly founded the Anxiety Relief Specialists Center in St Petersuburg, Florida.

Dr Deb Smithdeal says, “Stress and anxiety are responsible for a disturbing amount of unhappiness, personal and business failures, and illnesses in our world today. It’s impossible to be truly successful in business or personal relationships when you are chronically stressed. The human body and mind are tightly interwoven. Whatever affects the mind directly affects the body, and vice versa. The human body is designed to heal itself of any assault that isn’t fatal; however this healing can only occur only in the absence of a fear response."
Dr Charlie adds, “When a body under stress cannot repair itself, disease is certain to develop. The effects of stress may show up as cancer, mental illness, learning disabilities, chronic anxiety, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, heart attacks, and more.

 “Stress also clouds one’s judgment concerning marriage, family, and business activities. All this is so unnecessary. With the tools available today, it’s possible to identify specific stresses and then eliminate them from your life. But you must understand which tools to use and how to use them. Doing so can bring success and happiness in many areas, including business and personal relationships. These tools and instructions on exactly how to apply them are fully explained in our latest book, THE STRESS RELIEF BIBLE. We hope they serve you well."